About Tim’s Fun Facts

About Tim’s Fun Facts

I have loved facts ever since I got my first Kingfisher Children’s Encyclopedia and my first computer with Encarta 97. Facts are a window into an infinitely amazing world. I want to know everything, of course it’s impossible, but facts are like tasty entrees, bite size nuggets of knowledge in the buffet of life. If, upon perusing this site, you find your appetite piqued, then please follow the links at the bottom of each post and find out more about the world!

How does a fact end up on Tim’s Fun Facts blog? Well it has to be:


I try to only post facts that I find genuinely interesting or fun.

There are many facts out there that we’ve all heard a million times e.g. ‘Bulls aren’t actually attracted to the colour red, they’re colour-blind and are attracted by the movement.’ Yawn.

Perhaps I’ve just developed a tolerance to facts so I have to keep using higher and higher grade facts to get that same rush of wonderment!


Unlike some other facts websites, all of my facts are researched and cross-referenced. If you think any fact is wrong then please drop me a message using the Send your fact page and include your sources.

Before posting a fact I research it thoroughly and am often sad to find that, as much as I want it to be true, it is in fact bull. Here are some commonly believed facts (pub-trivia* as I call it) that I discovered to be untrue:

Sources for my facts include:

New Scientist
Natonal Geographic
Great Book of World Facts
Sports WeirdoPedia
Encyclopedia Brittanica
Science Daily
World Info Zone
How Stuff Works
Science Mag
Live Science.com
Loads of library books!

I hope you enjoy my interesting and true facts. If you have any of your own then please send me your facts!

 *Pub-trivia: Factoids reeled out when you are chatting with mates over a pint and you heard it somewhere but you don't remember where. E.g. "Yeah I heard that left-handers die 10 years earlier." Most pub-trivia factoids have one of three defining characteristics: 
 High plausibility - Facts with a sort of logic to them, a ring of truth to them. "e.g. a group of pugs is called a grumble" (well it makes sense doesn't it?)
Sticking power - A fact so bizarre/funny/shocking that people remember it and repeat it e.g. "hippos' milk is pink!"
Argument booster - A fact that helps you make your point e.g. "20% of the world's oxygen is produced by the Amazon rain forest(it's probably closer to 9%)" or "The UK pays the EU £350 million every week." which turned out to be false but was a useful pub fact for Brexiters