The mysterious collective madness of an entire French town in 1951, by the CIA?

The mysterious collective madness of an entire French town in 1951, by the CIA?

In 1951 the people in the town of Pont Saint Espirit in Southern France went collectively insane. A mysterious delirious affliction affected hundreds of people and their pets. Twenty percent of the victims had to be incarcerated in mental asylums, and seven people died.

On the night of the 24th August people were heard crying and shouting in the street. People fled from their homes claiming to be chased by demons or being devoured from the inside by snakes. One man even threw himself from a third story window. The mayor called for backup from the gendarmerie but the police were also affected by the madness.

Scientists claimed that the mass-delirium was caused by rotten bread and the poisoning has been dubbed “Le Pain Maudit’ or ‘Cursed bread’. They pointed to the fact that all the victims had all eaten bread from the same bakery and the flour might have been contaminated with a fungi called ergot which has similar effects to LSD.

However many people believe that the bread fungi story was a cover up. Journalist Hank P. Albarelli Jr thinks that the CIA that were testing the new drug, LSD, as a bio-weapon. It was part of project MK Ultra where the CIA were experimenting with mind control through drugs.

Albarelli claims that stealth planes bombed the town with a mixture based on LSD.

Albarelli points out that, following the incident, biochemists from Swiss chemical company Sandoz (who provided LSD for the CIA), immediately went to the scene, including Dr. Alvert Hofmann who invented LSD. He suggests that the contaminated bread story was just a cover for the LSD test.

Some people claim that even the name of the town was a coded reference to the nature of the mind-altering drugs experiment, as Pont Saint Espirit translates to English as ‘Holy Spirit Bridge.’

However please don’t take this as fact. Do your own research!