The dog that can sing

The dog that can sing

The Basenji is the only type of dog that doesn’t bark. Instead it ‘sings’ to express itself.

Originally from the Congo and used to chase rodents, the Basenji breed is unable to bark. But, lovers of peace and quiet, before you go and buy one bare in mind that it can still make a range of other sounds including whimpering, wailing, screaming and the unique Basenji ‘yodel:’

The Basenji race is known for being mischievous and difficult to train. Owners say ‘it trains you‘. Basenji’s are also excellent escape artists and able to find a hole in the sturdiest of fences.

Being used or thousands of years to chase rodents, much like domestic cats the Basenji has kept its wild side. They have a strong prey drive and will hunt anything that moves. Probably not ideal with small children or other small pets!

On the plus side: they shed very little and are very efficient guard dogs.


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