Something sinister about left handed people

Something sinister about left handed people

The word ‘sinister’ derives from the latin for ‘left-handed’. The word for left-handed people also meant “crooked,” “deficient,” “weakest,” and so on. In English, the word “left” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word “lyft,” which means “weak” or “broken.” By the 15th century in England, left-handedness had evolved to mean “evil” and was sometimes seen as a mark of the devil. It was said that witches used their left hands to curse their marks.

But if you are lefthanded don’t worry, you can take solace in the fact that, even though they only account for 10% of the population, some of the most famous people in history are left-handers:

– Jimi Hendrix
– Sir Paul McCartney
– Phil Collins
– Noel Gallagher (lefthanded but plays righthanded)
– David Bowie
– Eminem
– Justin Bieber

– Leonard Da Vinci
– Michaelangelo

– Barack Obama
– George W. Bush
– Bill Clinton
– Ronald Reagan
– Harry Truman
– Napoleon Bonaparte
– Winston Churchill

– David Rockefeller
– Bill Gates
– Oprah Winfrey

– PelĂ©
– Randy Johnson
– Babe Ruth

– Charlie Chaplin
– Robert De Niro
– Marilyn Monroe
– Brad Pitt

– Albert Einstein
– Julius Caesar
– Neil Armstrong
– Joan of Arc